There was a time when I knew the toy department of every major retail outlet in my area because that is where my kids would hang out while the boring shopping was going on. This included my nemesis Toys Backwards-R Us. I caught a break when our local one closed and I told my youngest that the entire chain shut down. That bit me on the ass years later as the family headed to my brother’s house and he spotted one out the window but that is not the point of this post.

Knowing the toy department meant that I was up on the latest toy trends and its been long enough that I don’t expect to have a clue as to whats happening now but the following hunk of plastic made me stop in my tracks.


I’m not sure what in the unholy hell a Poopsie Pooey Puitton is or why it costs $70 nor do I want to know. Someone has convinced children that they need to carry a bedazzled plastic turd with a face on it and I am gobsmacked. (sorry about that. We have been on a bit of a British Proceedural jag on the Netflix lately. I meant speechless)

I’ve got nothing other than a fascination to find one of the in use out in the world so I can ask the parents WHY. If you know please resist the urge to tell me as I need face to face interaction on this one.

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