broken knack


Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house everyone else was sleeping and I lied about the night before as this is Christmas day. We finished the main meal and everyone scattered to their assigned napping stations before we headed out to see our traditional Xmas Day eve movie.

Tilly, the smaller and darker of the two dogs brought Mom all of the toys to throw and when they just sat on the couch next to her she gave up and jumped aboard the napping train. I couldn’t sleep to save my life so I took this picture with the intention of writing about it but ended up sliding down an internet rabbit hole until it was time to go.

More than any year in my memory it seemed like we were in a constant state of scramble so this down time was needed. I decided to take care of some nearing month end business and check up on a certain someone in the periphery of our lives that warrants a monthly glance. Right now the only good way to keep tabs (crap, what in the hell are tabs and why did I just use that phrase?) on him is through Facebook. Seeing nothing of significance I wallowed around in the publicity posts for a while.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me but I have a knack for telling stories that the pictures don’t. I spent an hour and a half entertaining myself with tales of holidays gone sideways. We all have our quirks but in this case I might truly be broken. If you are my real life friend feel free to test me. Pull up a picture on Facebook and ask me what happened immediately before or after the shot was taken. I promise I will have something to say every single time.

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