Check it out

My selfie game is pathetic but I nailed this one depicting my new Snowtorious Christmas sweatshirt. Given complete control I would always wear what makes me laugh.

I wore it to the Home Depot today and watched a woman try to puzzle it out for the entire five minutes we waited in line. But then it was her turn to check herself out.

Four working lanes of this dog shit system and everyone waiting on the undertrained supervisor to correct an error. I actually wrote myself a note to open a HUMAN CHECKOUT ONLY STORE. If I want to do that work I’ll apply for a job because they obviously need the help or just keep my fat ass at home and shop on the internet.

I get that there is some life ruining algorithm stating this is more cost efficient blah blah bullshit. It’s off putting. I have severely reduced my Walmart shopping for just this reason. Now I only go there to buy their ridiculously low priced disposable paper products and a few other things where other retailers don’t come close. But that’s every two to three weeks down from a previous weekly rhythm.

And before you mention Costco they are about the same price wise but that is another three ring shopping experience. I have to mentally prepare for a trip to that place. Their hours are inconvenient and that no bag checkout system followed by a fake security check bothers me.

Plus I feel like they are laughing every time they trick someone into buying a metric crapton of anything just to save ten cents.

Man, I overthink the shopping experience.

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