This morning’s brain exercise was putting together this strangely hard puzzle. I love puzzles because they calm the noise in my skull and I mistakenly thought this one would be easy what with all of the edges and such. Nope, it was awesomely challenging. As for the overall design all I can say is sometimes my family gets me.

In other news I conjured a trip to Costco by mentioning it yesterday. I found myself there in a constant state of wanting to kill someone. It was the worst day of the week to go for a pile of reasons not the least of which is sample day. Every sample is running full tilt on a Sunday and some of them even had a queue.

The lines for various things were so long that it impeded an already shitty shopping experience. The only ray of sunshine was the crowds prevented my wife from wanting to patrol every isle. Instead we were focused only on necessary supplies. Once we were done the front of the store was a knot.

Lines were backed up into shopping areas so people weren’t sure if they were in line or not. Then once you broke clear of that clutter people would pause rather than just picking a lane and dealing with fate. And then to put a cherry on top they were out of boxes. a couple soggy produce trays just don’t cut it when you are buying bulk booze.

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