Today is a roiling roller coaster at the Hungover Shitshow Amusement Park. I am having real trouble navigating these choppy waters. Felt fine for a while then a wave of the chills. Get rid of those and it’s almost like I’m seasick. Then just to remind me that I turned another year older last night a side order of sporadic aches and pains that have forced me to stop all motion twice today.

During one of my better points I set a calendar reminder to take the day after New Year’s Day off this year. It’s a Thursday for anyone keeping score at home and I will most likely just take that whole week.

This general feeling of ill has given me a Tuesday version of the Sunday scaries. I made the grave mistake of glancing at tomorrow’s work calendar and it’s a doozie. Holy hell I’ve got to right this ship or this tiny week is going to ssuuuccckkk.

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