No new leaves

As the title clearly states I will not be turning over any new leaves this year nor will I be looking up why turning a new leaf is even an appropriate saying. I’m just gonna keep doing me. That being said I am an agent of change and a new calendar year is a perfect pivot point. If you are completely reinventing yourself in 2019 I wish you the best of luck.

This is probably brought on by every single thing I’ve tried to read for the last two days has been resolution based and I’m annoyed. Slow news cycles punch me right in the brain. So instead I’ve watched a dozen How I Work videos tonight

As an unapologetic productivity and organizational junky I look to improve my systems whenever possible. I should also mention that just because a person is obsessed with a subject does not make them an expert or even good at said same. I think I like learning about the different ways productive people work and adapting that to my own style.

The current system is a blend of David Allen’s GTD (currently using an app called Things 3) and Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal that I write out on my iPad using my handwritten note app of the week. It’s far from perfect but I get a shit ton done and rarely miss anything. I have a lot of faults but lack of hard work is not one of them. Probably all traces back to my missing degree but I have a real problem if I feel like anyone is out working or out thinking me.

Anyhow, I just finished a work journal exercise I’m trying to do twice a day which marks my biggest change of the new year. Only time will tell if it will ultimately annoy and be thrown out but right now it’s the closest thing to a new leaf I’ve got. Happy try and completely change your life only to get pissed at yourself when it blows up Month.

Unless it works. Then congratulations will be well deserved.

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