After work tire rotation helped me discover this incredible specimen. Just back from some sunny vacation or his local tanning salon his too tan complexion is just the base coat to this tapestry of humanity. Sixish silver hoop earrings per side and a matching ring for each thumb is giving off strong pirate vibes.

The Just For Men darkened beard and eyebrows are perfection but you can probably guess which feature drew me to this party… that majestic blond mullet style hair hat rules all others.

If I remember my late 80’s this was a mullet subspecies known as a rat tail. If I were better at stealth photography you would be looking at pictures from all sides but as I’ve already been caught multiple times staring it’s a risky proposition.

I hope you can zoom in because it’s glorious.

And as an unexpected bonus style shot I will include a blurry picture of my youngest child wearing an ensemble gifted him by his sister at his Christmas request.

This is New Years Day as I lay dying on the couch. He has just rolled home and one of his friends was out front killing my parkway grass with her projectile vomiting. As my cousin put it when I sent her that pic “Pimpin aint easy.”

*editors note: Hell Yes I was rewatching Game of Thrones during my convalescence.

One thought on “Stylin

  1. It looks like a blonde wig to me. All I can say is that people are fascinating creatures! (But so fun to observe!)

    As for your son’s ensemble … he manages to pull it off quite well! 🙂 Now put that same outfit on the guy in the first picture and you’ve really got something to gawk at!


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