heart hurts

I am truly jammed up. An old dear friend passed away New Year’s Day and I’m having some problems processing. This is for a million reasons not the least of which is our falling out of touch.

Pat was that friend that you haven’t seen for a while but when you did it was like you were never apart. You would be greeted by a hug that would crack your back and a drink would appear in your hand.

He lived his life on a different level and I often thought he was born at the wrong time. think Game of Thrones as a more natural setting. No one better to have your back in a fight and point of fact if he was there you most likely wouldn’t have to do a thing.

The stories are all good and if I told you even one you’d think I was exaggerating. College football player, kicked out for repeated conduct violations, oil rig roughneck, biker gang member, and salt of the earth.

If you are lucky you will have friends in your life that feel more like family. I just lost one.

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