First, thanks to those who reached out but as I mentioned in my reply this was not a ploy for sympathy. I write on this thing purely for myself which is why it used to say “don’t talk to stupidtom about stupidtom” right under the title. No need to not acknowledge nice but I don’t write stuff like this on social media for just that reason. I am addressing you all now because while I did thank you for your kind words I skipped right past a couple of requests for stories.

I sat down to write about this multiple times over the past week and just couldn’t do it. It just doesn’t feel right. I can talk about him just fine but there is something that almost seems too final about posting my memories. There is a gathering to celebrate his life next weekend and maybe once I get passed that it will feel better but for now I am using those thoughts as a rope to pull me out of the funk that threatens to overwhelm.

I will tell you that anyone who knew Pat has stories. He did not follow a path through life that most people choose. Extreme personality is no exaggeration and some of the things I will write about you will declare complete bullshit but that was our friend. He was an intimidating man until he smiled at you. When he stopped smiling you needed to pay close attention because things could get bumpy.

Gave hugs that could hurt if you were not properly braced or if one of your arms gor caught because you didnt start your reciprocal embrace fast enough. I could go on longer than anyone would read but some of this is due to the fact that we fell out of touch. No real cause there other than life getting in the way of a friendship. Can’t help but be pissed at myself for not trying harder but that is my own demon to wrestle right now.

Things are getting better as time does its work and in the future I will note any stories with his name in the title.

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