New record

It’s roughly 19 miles from my house to O’Hare depending on your route. Most taxi or Uber drivers make the trip in 25 minutes which means a half hour before you want to arrive is safe during non rush hours or weather. With the TSA working for free until this government shutdown gets squared away I figured I’d need some more wiggle room.

My cabbie showed up right on time and once I got settled in, the smell transported me back to the 1970’s. My dad was a smoker and depending on the stress levels of his job getting in his car was taking a ride in a light version of his lungs. This cab was the same thing except now it made me a little queasy so I decided to work on my breath holding.

Once his door closed his Prius took off like a bat out of hell assuming that means fast and not mutated into demonic form or something. I rarely buckle up in the back seat but I was locked in before we left the neighborhood. We were weaving in and out of traffic the entire ride. Even at the end he crossed three lanes of departure traffic to drop me at the curb.

14 minutes. I thought I was wrong so I looked at the taxi company text string and it confirmed my calculations. As I unfolded myself and stepped on the curb I stumbled. I was more than a bit seasick. Even now things are a bit bumpy.

The TSA line wasn’t bad for me because I pay for their club membership. The only difference is these normally below average employees safeguarding air travel have really ramped down whilst working without paychecks.

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