Mistakes were made

This took me a full day to write about due to the fierce battle going on inside of my body two nights ago. I went to a West Coast famous burger chain and decided to let someone who eats there a lot guide my dining decision. I ordered the Double Double and fires both “Animal Style” which is In-n-Out code for melted cheese slices, grilled onions, and thousand island dressing. Hold please while I find the picture I took to send the boy.

The thought was better than the experience and yet another case of overhyped food. I have met people over the years that upon discovering my In-n-Out virginity would berate me for not trying the best thing ever. I am officially not a fan.

This has solidified my policy of NEVER raving about food. If you know me in the world and I tell you something is “good” or “I’d eat there again” you have just heard my highest rating. On the other end of the scale is “I wouldn’t cross the street for it.

Back to that depicted error in judgement. First I didn’t finish which in and of itself tells a tale. I am lifetime member of the Clean Plate Club and was slightly ashamed of myself but the internal tectonic plates had already begun shifting in the restaurant so there was no need to drop dynamite down an active fault line. Luckily I had some defensive Tums packed in my bag…

Sleep is rough as something is attempting to punch its way out of your system and the next morning I decided that I am One-n-Done.

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