Welcome Home

I had an odd return home yesterday after a long week. It was a good week and the Friday night where I couldn’t catch a flight ment that I got to catch up with old friends which was awesome. Saturday morning 5:00am alarms are a pisser but I made my flight and even got to land in the pattern where they take you out over the lake past downtown and back. Frozen Soldier Field looks cool from the air even with the phone camera from an airplane window limitations.


And after the lake loop the ice was doing some awesome stuff.


Once I landed I thought all of my wonder was over but I was wrong. I got off the plane and headed straight for the bathroom. It was crowded and awful as usual and while I was waiting in line I witnessed a tragedy. A young man in his thirties was exiting his urinal and his neck pillow fell off and hit the floor. Another spot opened up so I was walking by as he was picking it up and I casually mentioned that he might as well burn that one and start over. Instead of smiling at my honesty he looked me right in the eye and put it back around his neck. WOW. shocked… nothing more to say on that point.

In stunned silence I made my way to baggage claim in the underground light show tunnel when I noticed that the walkers on the outside people mover were all reacting to a disturbance. Turns out that a woman had decided to walk in the wrong direction on the belt thus screwing up everyone elses pace and flow. And before you think this was an innocent mistake we were on what was, from her direction, the second leg of the tunnel experience so she screwed with the natural order of things twice and with purpose. People in my lane all stopped walking so we could slowly turn and gawk.

It came as no surprise that my cab home smelled like foreign farts and sadness. Welcome home.

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