20 degrees and it feels like a damn heat wave. The dogs can go outside without the mutt having to alternate paws on the burning cold tundra.

Along with ice age temperatures our house was plunged into the eighties as internet service was knocked out. This made for a ding dong dilly work dumpster fire. Everything was fine but all of my calls were via cellphone and my iPad was tethered to the thing for data as well which seemed to knock each other out at random. Electronic spinning plates.

I think I mentioned the other day that my middle child’s car was frozen in place at the mall where she works. The new twist is I can’t find a tow company to take my money to go get the thing. I called six places and they are all slammed pulling vehicles out of traffic and other such nonsense.

Aside from that speed bump I’m giddy as a schoolgirl from an era before everyone was such a bummer and overly concerned with everything including a happy female child getting insulted by silly words meant to make fun of someone else namely me. My friends and I are heading up to the lake for a couple days of poker and bad decisions with a Super Bowl thrown in for good measure.

If you’ll excuse me I need to start packing.

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