I was worried about this travel day because I started to get a bunch of travel warnings both from the home airport and my destination. The airline was trying to get me to switch flights but I’ve seen that trap and want no part of it. They convince you to switch to another one that will “be more likely to leave on time” only to jam you into an unsold middle seat. Hard NO.

And once I finally landed in scenic St. Paul it was right during rush hour constant snow low visibility time. This added to the fact that my driver was no good in the weather made for a clenched sphincter ride to the hotel. I had to relax down there before exiting the vehicle because I had inadvertently gripped the seat cover if you catch what I’m throwing.

Before I would sign his phone with my finger I got him to admit this was his second driving snow storm ever and he did not like it. I also asked if the constant stream of noise tumbling out of his mouth was singing or praying. Prayer was confirmed and I suggested he go home for the night.

I thought about taking his picture en route but breaking his concentration seemed like a bad idea. Travel. Is. Glamorous.

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