You know you’re getting older

A getting out of bed injury. Yup, I wrote that. Please allow me to explain. My company is based in scenic St. Paul Minnesota which means I spend a lot of time here. Specifically in a certain hotel that is just two human habitrail tubes away from headquarters. In the almost eight years at this company I have stayed in what I thought was every possible room configuration until this trip.

This one has a weird dividing wall between the bed and an equally strange two chair seating area. The problem with the wall other than blocking the climate control system is that with the king sized bed in place there is only about a foot of room on both sides. I would never get out of bed on the floor to ceiling curtain side for a number of reasons probably best served by another post.

I awoke in the middle of the night to visit the plumbing and forgetting the lack of clearance I got up as normal in the dark. I banged my head and face against the wallpaper and fell sideways back on the bed. There was some internal clicking and popping which had me hunched over and limping.

Whatever I pulled connects to my back and also involves some rib cage structural components making parts of sitting and breathing a real treat. I’m a couple pain relievers in so things are beginning to level out. Holy shit I’m getting old.

Anyhow, I’m keeping this one under wraps (said the idiot typing it on the internet) because I’m not positive that I dismount a bed correctly. I found myself wondering if other people have some kind of measured, two feet on the floor, stand straight up approach. Completely opposed to my own style of freeing one leg from blanket entanglement and flinging that appendage over the side. The rest of me follows in a controlled fall type dismount that conservatively requires four feet of clearance.

Research is now required.

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