Axe hole

Last week jammed me up. It was a long week and a good one but it put me on my heels this weekend. The Friday night stay was due to an office not-so-holiday party. It was at an axe throwing place and we were all dressed like the workers.

This is me losing my semifinal match and I can’t say I was pissed. I lucked my way through my own bracket by following their exhausting steps. Then my opponent and friend suggested I try one handed while we were practicing for our quarterfinal match. So much easier because I wasn’t chanting steps in my skull. Just see the target hit the target.

Anyhow, good times and I scored a “serious wood” shirt for my wardrobe and just finished retiring the one it will replace. One thing in one thing out. Cold as a snowman’s a-hole up there but some days are sure pretty.

Okay, the city seems trapped in the eighties but the sky and those clouds of life preserving steam are what I was talking about. And now if you’ll excuse me I need to search for an axe throwing league around here. I like obscure and rarely applicable life skills.

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