I have been suffering from a self diagnosed case of overactive brain syndrome. Not that any of you care but I am up to my ass in alligators and every time I’ve sat down to write in this thing I have drawn a blank. And then yesterday I had a fleeting funny thought but I went to cook something on the stove and encountered a broken vent fan. When I say broken I mean the button had been mashed with the force normally reserved for the Hi Striker game at the carnival. And then because I’m not here all the time someone cleverly figured out that using tools could wiggle the button back into a useable position. That is until I hamhandedly tried to get it to work and according to my appliance guy broke the board behind it.


If you don’t have an appliance guy its okay because they spend most of their time explaining why all of the parts required for what appears to be a simple fix would cost roughly one and a half times the amount it would take to buy brand new. Instead you pay him a hundred and a half to switch something on the motherboard which turns the light button into a working fan button and now a light just ceases to be a feature. That was probably too much and I should have just grabbed a new version but right now I got no time to set up an install and want to research the new one for a while. Like a year while.

That fan thing sidetracked me to the point that I forgot what I found funny about going out back with the dogs and sliding down three deck stairs on my ass and back. As I lie there going through a systems check before attempting to move I couldnt help but wonder what would happen if I were really hurt. The idiot dogs would be no help because we don’t own Lassie. And my family pays loose attention to my whereabouts as they pop in and out of the house. The funny thought has truely left my mind but it had something to do with me wearing one of those “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” buttons and then I think it morphed into an invention idea for me and my friends at the lake.

I’ll keep scratching at that one until I remember

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