Dude next to me was a complete tool the entire flight and even managed to piss me off in his sleep. When the captain announced that we were descending he pointed at my closed window shade as if to order me to open it.

I complied and then promptly proceeded to put my phone to the plastic and turning my upper torso blotting out the entire view. Even as we hit the tarmac I was looking out the window as if I were watching the most compelling thing on earth.

He and I are never going to be friends.

I’m on the 40th floor of a brand new hotel so sometimes this travel thing is not so bad. Seattle is a pretty city and it is easily in my top 25.

The herd of homeless is one of the largest I’ve ever seen. I think it’s a bunch of outdoors folks because they all reside in tents grouped together in camps. Makes sense for this part of the country but it’s stuck in my head and I’ve got questions:

  • Are there more tents here than the rest of the country?
  • Do people donate more tents out here due to the sheer amount of tents and overall tent usage?
  • If you live in a tent are you homeless or camping?

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