the lists


Looking through my pictures for something else and I stumbled upon some vultures that were looking at me through some glass like they knew something I didn’t. This was from the Texas Motor Speedway trip and I was on my phone facing that direction when I happened to look up. They are a lot bigger than they appear in that picture. Big enough to freak someone not used to the sight out a bit. That photo kind of sums up my mood today.

I got an email to the old stupidtom inbox about yesterday’s post that got me thinking. The author who wished to remain nameless asked if I got along with anyone I used to work with and my answer is YES. There are some wonderful folks out there in the world that I dearly love and worked with. The problem is I never get to run in to any of them out of the blue. It’s always the assholes that show up like a pebble in my shoe.

I start out sort of liking everyone but it doesn’t take much for me to slide a name into the other column. I should explain. It’s basically a 4 column internal system. The first one is labeled Friend. That one is the hardest to attain and it usually means that we have battled together and you have shown yourself to be loyal in some way. Something as complex as having my back in a tough situation or as easy as listening to me and my crazy and not blabbing whatever you heard all over the office. Friends are few but its a high quality list.

Next up is Just Met and as you can tell by the title it is self-explanatory. Everyone lives here until I get a peek at what I determine is the real you. From here you can move one of two places. The first is Other. Other is where most people exist. You are my coworker, I neither like nor dislike you, and you are in a constant state of evaluation which is not necessarily a bad thing. Once you burn me in any way you shift to the final column labeled Enemy.

Some enemies know they are there and others don’t. An enemy has crossed me more than once or proven themselves loyal to only themselves. I don’t even have to be the injured party. If you screw with one of my friends you are now my enemy. This can mean everything from me smiling at you but never trusting you to actively campaigning for your demise. Its a complex knot of snakes up in my skull and I try to bring some order whenever possible.

This brings me back to the buzzards. I had definately crossed them in some way and I could see in their eyes there was no coming back. I can only home that they die before I head back some day. Anyway, to answer the asked question I have like and even loved past coworkers but for some reason the ass hats always seem to seek my attention. I know that didnt really answer it very well but it is allowing me to cross it off my equally screwed up mental To Do list not for nothing.

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