For the two of you who keep checking in here every day you can cut it out. I’ve decided that this would best be a weekly place to write. In the spirit of under promise and over deliver I will commit to creating something at least once a week and if I happen to do more, then consider it a bonus. This also helps with my insane work schedule. What used to be something fun I could plop down in my spare time has turned in to a bit of a chore as I trudge through one of my toughest travel years ever.

Enough of that super douchey blogging about blogging and on to the writing at hand. I had some errands to run today and ended up becoming a bit parched. My old stomping grounds have become forever unclean after I discovered black bits floating in my already poisonous Diet Coke. Upon further inspection there was something in the ice as I discovered by taking a virgin cup and filling it with said same biohazard. Anyway, my local Speedway is now dead to me.

So I found myself in the McDonald’s drive through attempting to purchase some reasonably priced refreshment where I ended up behind a human pet peeve. How in the hell can you survive in modern urban America and be bad at drive through? I don’t get it. She started off not pulling all the way up to the speaker so she couldn’t really hear and had to shout her order.

Then, as we were in the now standard two lane system (which is a discussion for another time), she had some trouble with the concept of taking turns and it screwed everyone else up. Not only could she not alternate but there was something really interesting on her phone which made proper forward motion and spacing an issue. Holy horseshit I should not have been able to study this idiot for this long.

And due to the aforementioned order screwup she alternated her order at the pay window which should result in a one month suspension and a mandatory etiquette course but I’m not the king of McDonaldland. And finally, big shocker, her special order was not ready so she had to pull forward but didn’t really grasp the fact that her fellow patrons would still be conducting business behind her.

This was an unpresidented breach of all drive through etiquette and by the end I became embarrassed for the young woman. People need to move about their days with more purpose. Even on Sundays while doing seemingly mindless activities…

Notes to self: Work on a retail driving situation assessment program. Participants sign up to learn the rules and agree to be tested. In the future this could work like TSA precheck. Initial spitball name Not A Fucking Idiot Certification or NAFIC. Not great but not the worst first thoughts.

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