I had a term from my childhood pop into my head this morning but it was not pleasant. As soon as I got in the cab I noticed a smell. Not the generic too much air freshener scent, this stench had some thickness. It was weird but not enough to halt all breathing like powerful body odor or gas. Just trouble in the air.

It annoyed me as we wove through the neighborhood but I couldn’t put my nostril on it I until we stopped at a light. The driver turned around to ask me what airline I was flying and I was punched in the face by some of the worst mouth smell I’ve experienced.

I was more than three feet away but there was no room to back up. I have no idea what it could have been like closer to the source because it had weight when it hit me. Up close had to be brutal.

I shut down the nose but somehow I could still taste it. My mind was racing as I tried to figure out how I could survive the ride. All I could come up with was a window roll down which somehow didn’t help.

He was drinking coffee but that had little to do with my experience. This had to be recent and now weeping oral surgery. Or, I now know what gingivitis actually smelled like after all these years hearing about it during commercials.

I mumbled something about getting car sick so I could lean my face out the window. Once the breeze cleansed my olfactory system the taste left in my system triggered a memory; Baloney Breath.

No other description fit and I immediately felt bad for the first person to use that phrase as I understood it’s true meaning. I couldn’t get past the sensation that the smell had mass so like one of those idiotic ghost hunters on tv I took a picture.

That is a pretty good picture of nothing considering the conditions. I bought and chewed an entire pack of gum once I got to the airport.

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