I was cleaning out my phone’s picture pile and came across a couple I forgot to post.

My friends and I thought we came across a very specific price of bar glass wear. So impressed with this Jager Bomb chalice were we that I tried looking it up online from this picture. After my friend took it down we tried to figure out how they made it but gave up and asked around the establishment. Turned out that it was just two glasses fused together by the Red Bull sugar. In other words, it was dirty.

Then the next morning I stumbled into my office and this gem was waiting on my desk.

That right there will intensify a hangover. Luckily the phone was found and my headache eventually cleared.

I left the note on my desk as my addled brain mistook the medium used in the creation of that masterpiece as mascara. Once when we were first married I scratched out what seemed like an extremely important note to myself with the stuff and was still finding things I’d touched a week later.

Luckily this was just a sharpie on a paper towel. Everyday life is an adventure.

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