As I sit in this too fancy Toyota dealership service waiting room preparing my NO voice I can’t help but be puzzled by the decor. This thing is insane. Individual arm chairs with swivel desks on them, a quiet room, a kids playroom, games, and snacks. They could just knock all this crap down and just let me watch the salesman show.

You might be thinking “hey Tom, why is your cheap ass getting service at a dealership?” And my answer would be because it was included with the purchase. The negotiations on this car got bumpy and neither side would budge until they suggested this included maintenance deal.

Sorry, I just got distracted by an old man completely dismantling a used car on the showroom floor. He has taken all the mats out, removed the spare tire and is currently demanding that all stickers be removed so he can inspect the paint. I completely respect his game. He has the sales kid rattled.

The poor kid keeps trying to use his limited experience to learn more but I think the customer buys cars for a living. The kid asked what he drives now and old buyer guy responded that he didn’t need to worry about that because he was going to need the best price one of these has ever sold for.

Thankfully a more senior dude recognized a drowning coworker and is attempting to assist. Now he wants to drive it and the kid does not look well. Hopefully the right one goes on the test drive because I have a feeling the old dude has some tricks up his sleeve.

Got to go as it’s time to throw a couple dozen no’s at my service rep. This is the part I love but makes those around me uncomfortable. Just some Saturday fun.

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