Born deep in the bowels of Mid-Winter Classic Eve a game of Mexican had been rolling for hours. Most of the early arrivals had slinked off to bed and even the hardcore were considering calling it a night. But then, much later than expected, Ron and Paul showed up and they were ready to play. The stakes were raised as Sailor Jerry (possible future co-sponsor of the game) was brought in for everyone but Dave. It should be noted for the official record that he had been playing all night with evil brown liquor of a different variety. This fact combined with his natural stubborn streak lead to the founding of the game.

The dice for the Mexican game were scavenged from a backgammon set and the idiot that found them brought the doubling cube along for the ride. When Brown Liquor Filled Dave (this is what I feel like we should name the bum on the box) discovered the larger cube with the big numbers on it his mind began to churn, and the first iteration of the game was born. Guatemala was basically Mexican played with this new die that forced players to drink shots of Sailor Jerry. No matter how much other players complained and tried to shift play back to good old Mexican Dave would not budge. He would see his new game played no matter what anyone else thought.

During a particularly punishing round where Stupidtom was consuming his third shot in a row he exclaimed “THIS GAME BLOWS A HOBO!” and it all made sense. No longer did the shouting of the name before you drank feel like a punishment and sending someone else a shot just felt right as well. Blow a Hobo 64 (or BaH64) was born.

One interesting side note: All of the players involved with the alpha testing of this game felt like a dirty old bum snuck into their sleep and did terrible things in their mouths so the name works on a lot of levels.

The game is simple and is loosely based on the dice drinking game known as Mexican. This version is played with a doubling cube from a backgammon set. The game is currently under development, but the rules so far are as follows:

  • If you roll a 2 then you drink twice from your own personal drink reciting the name of the game before each drink.
  • If you roll a 4, 8, 16, or 32, you announce your roll to the person you are passing to.
  • That player can either call bullshit if they think you did not beat or tie the person that rolled before you by picking up the cup. If you lied or failed, you drink. If you told the truth or rolled under what you said they drink.
  • or
  • They can scoop up the cube without looking in an attempt to tie or beat your roll. A tie means both players drink equally. If the player beats the roll they pass it along.
  • If you roll a 64 then you shout out the name of the game and pick another player to do a shot. That player can then drink their shot OR attempt to tie your roll which would mean that you both drink. If the player challenge rolls and fails to tie your 64 then they drink two shots.

These are all the rules and proposed rules I can remember.

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