First, thanks to those who reached out but as I mentioned in my reply this was not a ploy for sympathy. I write on this thing purely for myself which is why it used to say “don’t talk to stupidtom about stupidtom” right under the title. No need to not acknowledge nice but I don’t write stuff like this on social media for just that reason. I am addressing you all now because while I did thank you for your kind words I skipped right past a couple of requests for stories.

I sat down to write about this multiple times over the past week and just couldn’t do it. It just doesn’t feel right. I can talk about him just fine but there is something that almost seems too final about posting my memories. There is a gathering to celebrate his life next weekend and maybe once I get passed that it will feel better but for now I am using those thoughts as a rope to pull me out of the funk that threatens to overwhelm.

I will tell you that anyone who knew Pat has stories. He did not follow a path through life that most people choose. Extreme personality is no exaggeration and some of the things I will write about you will declare complete bullshit but that was our friend. He was an intimidating man until he smiled at you. When he stopped smiling you needed to pay close attention because things could get bumpy.

Gave hugs that could hurt if you were not properly braced or if one of your arms gor caught because you didnt start your reciprocal embrace fast enough. I could go on longer than anyone would read but some of this is due to the fact that we fell out of touch. No real cause there other than life getting in the way of a friendship. Can’t help but be pissed at myself for not trying harder but that is my own demon to wrestle right now.

Things are getting better as time does its work and in the future I will note any stories with his name in the title.


Not sure what the hell is going on at my hotel but you don’t usually see a dude in a functioning cape and hat combo. Holy horseshit I am bad at stealth photography. There was a lady with an amazing red mullet that was intimidating the shit out of me so I tried to wait until she wasn’t looking. Everything about this picture is sub par except the humans.

I tried to figure out what I’d stumbled upon but gave up when the Uber arrived. Thoughts of an ADD detective agency seem like a waste of time because I’m pretty sure someone at the hotel could have told me why costumed crusaders were milling about but I left that case unsolved.

heart hurts

I am truly jammed up. An old dear friend passed away New Year’s Day and I’m having some problems processing. This is for a million reasons not the least of which is our falling out of touch.

Pat was that friend that you haven’t seen for a while but when you did it was like you were never apart. You would be greeted by a hug that would crack your back and a drink would appear in your hand.

He lived his life on a different level and I often thought he was born at the wrong time. think Game of Thrones as a more natural setting. No one better to have your back in a fight and point of fact if he was there you most likely wouldn’t have to do a thing.

The stories are all good and if I told you even one you’d think I was exaggerating. College football player, kicked out for repeated conduct violations, oil rig roughneck, biker gang member, and salt of the earth.

If you are lucky you will have friends in your life that feel more like family. I just lost one.


After work tire rotation helped me discover this incredible specimen. Just back from some sunny vacation or his local tanning salon his too tan complexion is just the base coat to this tapestry of humanity. Sixish silver hoop earrings per side and a matching ring for each thumb is giving off strong pirate vibes.

The Just For Men darkened beard and eyebrows are perfection but you can probably guess which feature drew me to this party… that majestic blond mullet style hair hat rules all others.

If I remember my late 80’s this was a mullet subspecies known as a rat tail. If I were better at stealth photography you would be looking at pictures from all sides but as I’ve already been caught multiple times staring it’s a risky proposition.

I hope you can zoom in because it’s glorious.

And as an unexpected bonus style shot I will include a blurry picture of my youngest child wearing an ensemble gifted him by his sister at his Christmas request.

This is New Years Day as I lay dying on the couch. He has just rolled home and one of his friends was out front killing my parkway grass with her projectile vomiting. As my cousin put it when I sent her that pic “Pimpin aint easy.”

*editors note: Hell Yes I was rewatching Game of Thrones during my convalescence.

No new leaves

As the title clearly states I will not be turning over any new leaves this year nor will I be looking up why turning a new leaf is even an appropriate saying. I’m just gonna keep doing me. That being said I am an agent of change and a new calendar year is a perfect pivot point. If you are completely reinventing yourself in 2019 I wish you the best of luck.

This is probably brought on by every single thing I’ve tried to read for the last two days has been resolution based and I’m annoyed. Slow news cycles punch me right in the brain. So instead I’ve watched a dozen How I Work videos tonight

As an unapologetic productivity and organizational junky I look to improve my systems whenever possible. I should also mention that just because a person is obsessed with a subject does not make them an expert or even good at said same. I think I like learning about the different ways productive people work and adapting that to my own style.

The current system is a blend of David Allen’s GTD (currently using an app called Things 3) and Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal that I write out on my iPad using my handwritten note app of the week. It’s far from perfect but I get a shit ton done and rarely miss anything. I have a lot of faults but lack of hard work is not one of them. Probably all traces back to my missing degree but I have a real problem if I feel like anyone is out working or out thinking me.

Anyhow, I just finished a work journal exercise I’m trying to do twice a day which marks my biggest change of the new year. Only time will tell if it will ultimately annoy and be thrown out but right now it’s the closest thing to a new leaf I’ve got. Happy try and completely change your life only to get pissed at yourself when it blows up Month.

Unless it works. Then congratulations will be well deserved.


Today is a roiling roller coaster at the Hungover Shitshow Amusement Park. I am having real trouble navigating these choppy waters. Felt fine for a while then a wave of the chills. Get rid of those and it’s almost like I’m seasick. Then just to remind me that I turned another year older last night a side order of sporadic aches and pains that have forced me to stop all motion twice today.

During one of my better points I set a calendar reminder to take the day after New Year’s Day off this year. It’s a Thursday for anyone keeping score at home and I will most likely just take that whole week.

This general feeling of ill has given me a Tuesday version of the Sunday scaries. I made the grave mistake of glancing at tomorrow’s work calendar and it’s a doozie. Holy hell I’ve got to right this ship or this tiny week is going to ssuuuccckkk.


Not sure how long this clip will remain up before the Sesame Street Illuminati have it removed but this made my day.

Grover just leap frogged Oscar as my favorite Sesame Street character.